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The Center for Graduate School Innovation is a university-wide organization
that plans, prepares, and coordinates common education, career support,
and study/research environment improvements for graduate school students.


University Fellowship Creation Project

In February 2021, Tohoku University was selected for MEXT's "University Fellowship Creation Project for Innovation in Science and Technology".
This project is a MEXT-subsidized program for universities that provide fellowships consisting of research support and research funds to students entering the doctoral course who have a strong desire for research and will play an important role in the future creation of science, technology, and innovation
in Japan, and that provide a stable environment in which students can concentrate on research after completing the doctoral course.
Tohoku University will provide an environment in which excellent doctoral students enrolled in the program can devote themselves to academic research by providing them with a stipend (180,000 yen per month) and a research grant (340,000 yen per year), thereby contributing to the improvement of their research capabilities.

Title:Tohoku University Advanced Graduate School Doctoral Fellowship

Quota: 120 students (per academic year)
 -Resilience studies: 40 students
 -IT/AI/smart systems: 30 students
 -Quantum/spintronics: 20 students
 -Matter/materials science: 30 students

Details will be announced through your graduate school.

In FY2022, we are selecting and supporting students through both the MEXT's University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology (Tohoku University Advanced Graduate School Doctoral Fellowship) and the JST's Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (Tohoku University Advanced Graduate School Pioneering Research Support Project for PhD Students)".

〇Please refer to the application guidelines for information on eligibility and application procedures.

FY2022 Application Guidelines

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