Center for Graduate School InnovationCenter for Graduate School Innovation

The Center for Graduate School Innovation is a university-wide organization
that plans, prepares, and coordinates common education, career support,
and study/research environment improvements for graduate school students.


University Fellowship Foundation Program

In February 2021, Tohoku University was selected for MEXT's "University Fellowship Creation Project for Innovation in Science and Technology," which aims to improve the treatment of doctoral students and ensure career paths are available to them. Our center provides support to doctoral students by managing this project.

Title:Tohoku University Doctoral Fellowship

Quota: 120 students (per academic year)
 -Resilience studies: 40 students
 -IT/AI/smart systems: 30 students
 -Quantum/spintronics: 20 students
 -Matter/materials science: 30 students

Details will be announced through your graduate school and/or degree program.

Duties of fellowship recipients:

In addition to devoting themselves to their research activities, as outlined in their research plans, fellowship recipients are expected to understand the fellowship program's principles, fully appreciate that they are receiving national (taxpayer) money, and commit to their studies/research with a suitably serious attitude. They must also enroll in mandatory advance graduate research training and career-building programs.

Advanced Graduate School Training/Career-Building Programs

Complete the seminars and training courses specified for each fiscal year by the end of the fiscal year.

Advanced Graduate School Training/Career-Building Programs FY2023

【How to take】※Reminder
〇FY2023 Compulsory Course No.1 "Transferable Skills Workshop". Guidelines here.
〇FY2023 Compulsory Course No.2 "Assessment Test for English 5 Abilities (iTEP Academic)". Guildelines will be updated later.
〇FY2023 Elective-Compulsory Course No.3 "Academic Writing Seminar Series". Guidelines here.

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