Center for Graduate School InnovationCenter for Graduate School Innovation

The Center for Graduate School Innovation is a university-wide organization
that plans, prepares, and coordinates common education, career support,
and study/research environment improvements for graduate school students.



Prof. Akira Ando

Prof. Akira Ando

Tohoku University Center for Graduate School Innovation Director
Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering

Led by the Tohoku University Advanced Graduate School, we are implementing leading graduate programs and a common course of graduate studies to transcend specific academic research fields, and supporting frontier interdisciplinary and international research. Furthermore, we are assisting graduate students with career-planning by providing a dedicated environment for their studies and research.

The Center for Graduate School Innovation actively supports the Advanced Graduate School degree programs nurturing young globally-active leaders, improvements in graduate school education, and human resources development in the Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education. Further it conducts specific activities including planning, preparation, and coordination of higher education, career support, and improvement of the study/research environment for graduate school students.

In particular, in February 2021, Tohoku University was selected for MEXT's "University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology," which aims to enlarge scholarship support for doctoral students and ensure promising careers for them. Our center boosts this fellowship project and strongly assists doctoral students.

In addition, we have an organization to provide career support programs for doctoral and post-doc students called the Career Support for PhD and Post-docs (PhDC) Unit. It offers the Innovative Leaders Fostering Course, aimed at giving students transferable skills in conjunction with research capability. It also provides several support activities such as conducting job fairs, providing individual career assistance, matching support between companies and doctoral students for internships, and offering alumni exchange/internship-related support.

Center for Graduate School Reform Programs

Center for Graduate School Reform Programs

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