Division for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and EducationDivision for Interdisciplinary Advanced Research and Education

We plan and support research and development that integrates various fields of study
to bring research accomplishments in new areas and use it as a basis for education.
This is achieved by cooperation amongst the many research departments, attached laboratories,
and frontier interdisciplinary research institutions. In doing this,
our aim is to create new general knowledge and promote the education of international-minded, world-class researchers.

  • 文学研究科
  • 教育学研究科
  • 法学研究科
  • 経済学研究科
  • 理学研究科
  • 医学系研究科
  • 歯学研究科
  • 薬学研究科
  • 工学研究科
  • 農学研究科
  • 国際文化研究科
  • 情報科学研究科
  • 生命科学研究科
  • 環境科学研究科
  • 医工学研究科
    • Arts and Letters
    • Education
    • Law
    • Economics and
    • Science
    • Medicine
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Engineering
    • Agricultural
    • International
      Cultural Studies
    • Information
    • Life Sciences
    • Environmental
    • Biomedical

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