PhD Career Development Unit

Career Support for PhD Students and Postdocs

PhDC empowers PhD students and postdocs to explore their life and career goals.
We help them enhance transferable skills, find and get future career paths,
and form interdisciplinary network.

Our Career Support Programs

  • All PhD students and postdocs in Tohoku University are eligible.
  • “PhDC Registration” is required for programs with pink icons.
Innovative Leaders Fostering CourseDetail Transferable skills, Interdisciplinary network.
*Master students planning to go on to PhD course are allowed for attending these classes.
SeminarsDetail Internship (IS) seminar: IS experience stories, introduction to IS programs, etc.
Career seminar: Case examples of PhD good showing, and of company expectation to PhD.
Career supportDetail Individual SupportDetail Career support considering your research, skills, individuality, etc.
Job FairDetail Exchange and matching event between private companies and PhD students/postdocs.
Improving your ability to explain the research contents and to present yourself to persons outside your field.
(Scheduled date: around late Oct.)
*Partially open for PhD students and postdocs without “PhDC Registration”.
Internship SupportDetail Various support (application form preparation, interview practice etc.) for research internships longer than 1 month.
Web ExchangeDetail Topics (examples): Experience of job hunting and internship, Job hunting stories of international students, Various experience by OB/OG.

*Seminar and Web exchange will be open for students and postdocs without “PhDC Registration”.
*To PhDC registrant, not only information from PhDC but also information about sharing events offered by collaborating universities will be delivered.




We are currently only supporting the Dr. Presenter for Job Fair 2021.

Other support will resume in November.

Registration can be done now.

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